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Sat Chit

You do not exist in time.

You exist now.

Sat Chit

Being Knowing

Believing in time is believing in self.

Knowing there is no time,

is knowing there is no self.

Abiding in no time,

is abiding as your essential being.

It is being who you are, knowingly.

Sat Chit


What do you want?

A myth?
Or truth, freedom, peace?

And what if there were so-called events in a so-called past?

Where are they now?

They are not, clearly!

So, why admit them into now?

Why let them disturb the peace of now?

The peace of your essential being.


The one who cares about past and future,
with all of its myths,
is self, ego,

a thought, a 'false me'.

That one does not even exist.

The true you, Sat Chit,

has no interest in,
or need for,
 or places any meaning in

any of those myths.

That one is the only existence.

The only reality.


Know who you are,

in no time, now.

Be at peace.




© Photograph by Dev Gogoi. Used with permission

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