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Essential Being is Center-less yet Includes the Personal Vantage

My experience, or knowing of whom I am, is not exclusively as a center of awareness, located in this body. While there is clearly a vantage point from this body—which is based on the five senses as known by the function of personal consciousness, the fundamental function of this body—that is not the whole story.

Simultaneous to that personal vantage point of knowing or experiencing from here, there is the experience, or more accurately, knowing of who I am, as center-less. These occur at the same time.

Some people claim to have come to a point where there is no sense of self, or personal vantage point, it having somehow vanished completely. While I don't deny their experience because I don't know their experience, so I don't say they are being untruthful, in my own experience, that is not the case. The so-called personal sense of self—which is based on the fundamental experience of personal consciousness, thoughts, feelings, emotions and the five sensory mechanisms of experience—is an appearance that comes and goes, like a wave in the ocean, never the same, appearing and then vanishing completely. While simultaneously, the knowing that I am aware and center-less, not centered anywhere, and includes and knows all of those personal functions, is obvious and present at all times of consciousness, unchanging.

This is an all-inclusive view and does not deny the appearance of an ephemeral sense of self, nor does it insist on the necessity to get rid of any sense of self. All is included—essential being, which is aware and has no qualities whatsoever, and is center-less, being timeless and dimensionless, and the so-called personal appearances of consciousness, thoughts, emotions and the five sensory mechanisms, which create the personal vantage/sense/experience.

So this does not deny our humanity or find a need to transcend our humanity. It does not need to transcend self or kill the ego or anything like that.

Essential being is prior to—meaning it is, before, during and after all of the personal experiences—and knows the fleeting personal experience as well as itself and includes everything, unconditionally.

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