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Seeing Now as One Experience

When you look at a painting,

with its countless colors, shapes and textures,

unless your mind separates it all,

you don’t see the countless things,

you see one painting.


When you listen to a symphony,

with its countless melodies, chords and rythymns,

unless your mind separates it all,

you don’t hear the countless things,

you hear one symphony.


When you look at this present moment,

with its countless sights, sounds, smells, tastes and sensations,

unless your mind separates it all,

you are not actually experiencing the countless things,

you are experiencing this one present moment.


Just like a painting.

Just like a symphony.

Now is one experience.


If you look at it this way you may ask,

“Who knows this one experience here and now?”


If you see that this entire one experience is in constant flux you may ask,

“What is it that is not in constant flux that knows this changing experience?”


If you recognize that you have been here as long as you can remember

and have known all of the constantly changing

experiential moments, you may ask,

“Who am I then”?


What knows, and what stays the same

throughout the ever-changing experiential landscape?


What has been here and known this changing experiential landscape

as far back as you can remember?


Clearly you can say that YOU have been here

as long as you can remember.


And clearly you can see that no experiential moment

has calcified or been substantial, but in fact,

 experience has been in non-stop, constant change throughout your knowing of it.


So then,

 why place an inordinate value on that which is

ephemeral, non-substantial, here then gone, finer than mist,

while completely over-looking the essential unchanging aspect of it all?


Peace is found here.


Sat Chit Ananda

Being Knowing Bliss







Painting image borrowed from Alex Grey. Thank you!









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