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Freedom Already Is

Freedom Already Is

There is only now, right?

What is here is aware, right?

My essential nature is aware, free, all-inclusive.

Is it true?

Don't attend to body/mind for a moment, leave that all behind.

Here and now, the only thing that I can't deny,
that needs no other evidence other than itself
is that I am
aware, knowing, here and now.


If you recognize that it is true for you, then it must be true for everyone else, right?

So let me ask, without projecting to tomorrow or five minutes from now,
right now,

Isn't it already doubtless?

I am no thing, there is no self,
Where is this self now?

Self is a story we have come to believe and take for granted,
it has to do with time.

But where is time?

There is only now.

Jump off the story of self and see that now there is no story, no self.

Where is it if you don't refer to your belief that it is there,
if you don't refer to thoughts, to time?

So then, it is already finished now, isn't it?

It's finished.

Just keep coming to see that it is finished and then before you know it,
it will be doubtless that it is finished.

Even though it is already doubtless now, in this moment.

Don't go in the mind, just don't do it.
Stay jumped, for a moment.
Don't attend to thoughts that are coming.
Keep jumping off into nothing.

Free, open, spacious aware.

Just for a moment, see that
now I am free
now it is doubtless.

We are all the same essentially, aren't we?

This is very simple
It is nothing
No state
No god
No divine
No transcendence
No bondage
No time
No Time
No story of self

Maybe some peace or relaxation comes, it’s natural,
but that is not the point.


It is the same for all of us.

So I say, if this is clear
then what more is there
than this, nothing?
What more is there to transcend or attain?
How can there be?

What philosophy is needed?

What spiritual practice?

What book?

What description?

What satsang?

To know this, who you are.

And if that is recognized then I say, stick with this.
If it is recognized to be true, then why be the
prodigal son/daughter and go some other direction to
try to get something more?

More books, more spiritual ideas, more philosophies,
more mystical experiences, more meetup groups.

If you want freedom, it is clearly here now, isn't it?

You do not get to fulfill all of the ideas about 'enlightenment'
that you have read in books. You don't get any of it.
You get nothing

If it seen that this is true, then why do anything else?

The ultimate answer to all spiritual questions is:
No questions, no answers.

The answer is YOU

Know this, freedom, and be finished.



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