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Freedom is not an experience

Freedom is not an experience. It is not dependent on how you feel—good or bad. It is not even dependent on always recognizing your essential nature at all times. It is knowing without doubt and being convinced that who you are, essentially, is free.

Up till now in life you have trusted your experiences, especially thoughts and emotions, to indicate how you are doing. This is just how you were taught.

It is a matter of just letting all of those thoughts and emotions be as they are, because you know you are free. And if you are not convinced that you are free then just keep letting them be anyway and keeping noticing your essential aware nature, while they are appearing. This will convince you.

Try this experiment below during your day.

No matter what appears, pleasant or unpleasant, 
don't attend to it.
Just don't attend to how you are feeling, whether good or bad.
Place no value on it either way.

In that moment notice that you are aware,
not only aware of the feelings,
but aware of whatever is appearing here and now.
The feelings are just one appearance in millions of appearances 
all happening now.
They are all appearing to you.   
Your essential nature is aware.
Aware of all of it.
So don't focus in on or attend to however you are feeling.
Let attention be free and open,
and see that all is included,
and that your experience is not limited to a particular emotional state.
In doing so, you will begin to notice that you are free.
Whether you feel good or bad,
simultaneous to that,
you are freely aware.
Attend to that, your essential
In doing so at all times, 
by abiding as such,
you will become convinced
that you are free. 

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