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Knowing is Being

Is there a difference between knowing there is no self and seeing it?  I know and see that there is no Santa Claus, but so far I only seem to know there is no self. I still function as though this self is still here, whereas I don't act as though Santa is real.

Knowing there is no self conceptually is not true knowing. Everyone who is on the path and has read enough books will say, "I know there is no self." But what good is that? Just another concept to add on to the concept garbage heap.

I use the word knowing in two ways, not the way mentioned above.

One is like the knowing that there is no Santa. You believed there was a Santa because your culture gave you that idea. Of course in your innocence you did not question it. The 'authorities' said it is so, so that's it, it is so.

Then, one day you found out that in fact there is no Santa. It is clearly true, and now you know it. You don't need to remind yourself, or look under the chimney, you know there is no Santa.

In the same way, your culture has convinced you that you are the personal self with its history of experiences and stories. In your innocence you did not question is, because the 'authorities' said it is so.

Then one day you came to see something different—here and now, I am aware, free, all-inclusive. That self is a myth. I have been here: before, during and after every experience of this lifetime. Everything comes and goes, including the changes of this body/mind, and yet, I remain always, even if I am not aware of it.  I thought that this personal 'self'—the amalgamation of beliefs and ideas, based on input recorded in the mind, all of it ephemeral, none of it actual—is who I am. Now I see this 'self' is clearly not true/actual/existent. What is true/actual/existent, is me, here and now, being/knowing, sat/chit. This is clearly true, and now you know it.

What is existent, Who I am essentially is—Sat/Chit, Being/Knowing. You don't need to remind yourself, or look under the chimney. See/know it now. You know this and you know self is a myth. Now you know, just like now you know there is no Santa. NOW YOU KNOW, because you have seen.

That is the first way I speak about knowing.

The second way, and the key to liberation is: KNOWING IS WHO YOU ARE. You are: here, now, existence/being, aware/knowing. Satchitananda. Knowing is your nature. All things are known in, to and as YOU. You are the knowing that knows it all.

This aware/knowing is, in real time, completely obvious, unchanging, eternal. When I say to 'know who you are' what is really being said is to 'be who you are'. Knowing is being, Sat/Chit. So all that is needed is to be who you are.

As far as acting as if there is a self—the so called self is simply an ephemeral appearance. When thoughts appear and there is attention given to them, it is the apparent birth of a self. But every appearance of self is different from every other appearance of self, it never appears the same way twice. There is no one self that is of actual substance. The idea of a continuity of self is based on a belief that this thought and the last thought indicate a 'me' here, the same 'me'. But this thought and the last thought don't indicate a ' same me' here. We add that idea on to it.

They are simply thoughts, recorded data being replayed from experiences, appearing here and now in and to YOU, aware/knowing/open/spacious/all-inclusive/free. Yes, we believe that thought indicates a 'me', it is all we have known and been taught by culture/ignorance, the authorities.

Now I say, IGNORE. See that all thoughts come and go, are never the same twice, and in fact do not indicate a self. So, ignore. But because we have been taught that thought is so important and valuable, we don't ignore. We think it means so much and so we value it and give it undo importance. And that is why this work you are involved in takes time and authenticity, the interest and intention in truth and freedom. The habit of ignorance is a lifelong habit, and it takes a new habit to break it.

That new habit is: Know thyself, Be thyself.

Continue to be true to what is true, continue to know thyself. Here and now, I am, aware/knowing, existence/being. Don't know it as concept. BE IT. Knowing is being. That is a HOLIDAY.

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