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Losing the Security of Beliefs

It seems like there must be some reason why things happen. For example, if I meet someone who seems so familiar, or there seems to be some kind of connection or something. So is life just random chaos or is there predestination?

The funny thing is, when something like that happens we immediately filter it through the belief that we hold the most. Like, I met this person and she seemed so familiar, I must have known her in a past life. That is a big leap, isn't it? It's just an assumption based on a belief, which is not at all known to be true.

But there does seem to be some kind of causality, Jung calls it synchronicity. I am just trying to figure out how things happen. It's just too much like things are connected for it to be random chaos. Is this philosophy I am asking?

Yes. If there was a real answer to those questions it would be in all the books already and then you could have an intellectual understanding and the question would be solved. The reason that it is not in the books is because there really is no answer. Or if there is, we have no way of knowing. I say that the answer with that question, as with all philosophical questions, is when that question no longer appears. Let's have a holiday together.




Here and now, this knowing is present, right?


This knowing that is aware is not separate from you is it?


It is essential to who you are.


There is only now, and now whatever is, is.


Without going into your mind of questions, just looking here and now


Does this, now, have some meaning?


Unless you want to get philosophical, go into the mind,


Here and now look.


This knowing, what is, is.


There is nothing behind the curtain.


If you see this then you see that what is, only is, it didn't come from somewhere.


You see that there is no past or future, so...


It only is, here and now.


If there is no past, then what is now, is appearing now, only.


Whatever happens, like a meeting with someone, if you don't go into the mind to try to understand why, then what is simply is what is. Freedom is in this, the end of looking for the meaning of this, because it is a moot point; the reason has never been found before. You can go into why I met this person or why this happened and the synchronicity, but really you are just going back into the philosophical mind, that carousel. What I share, freedom, is radical. It is no-thing. You don't get answers to those questions. That is why it is for people who are mature and just happy to be and to not need answers to unanswerable questions, which is the false security of the known.

In the absence of beliefs, etc., which comes from realizing that we have no way to prove them and so they cannot be ultimately true, and in wanting only what we can actually know, which is very little, we become very comfortable in knowing nothing, like, where did I come from?, where am I going?, what is the meaning of life?, what will happen after I die?, etc. Since these philosophical questions are unanswerable, and if we are reconciled with that fact, we become at ease in not knowing and no longer needing to know, and then these questions don't arise. This is freedom from beliefs.

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