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Prior to consciousness, you are

Is it possible that when people say, "I am consciousness", or, "He is conscious", that these are also beliefs?? I hear the words 'conscious' and 'consciousness used so much these days. Yesterday, I had a moment and it occurred to me that consciousness exists within awareness. So to say 'I am conscious' is more identification with the self to an extent....where as awareness is also releasing the idea of being 'conscious'.....? This is like a statement and question in one.

Also, since there is only the moment, does this mean awareness only exist in the moment???

I see it much as you say. You are not consciousness or awareness. Those are both objects, which can easily become identities. That is why I don't use the word 'awareness'. You are not a thing. You exist, yes. You are aware, yes. And to answer your second question, you are now. You are not in the now. You ARE NOW. So Now and You are synonyms, in my view. Now and aware are synonyms. Now and knowing are synonyms. None of those words—now, aware, exist, knowing—are objectifiable. That is who you are. You are not a thing, you are no-thing. Now, aware, existing, knowing.

Consciousness is a function that appears in and because of the body. I say it is the primary function, then followed by the five sense functions. Without consciousness there is no world, which is revealed by the senses.

In deep sleep, what happens? Consciousness becomes dormant. So there is no world and no personal you. When you wake up in the morning, what happens? Consciousness becomes active, and with it simultaneously, the personal you and the world appear. I speak about this in more depth in my book.

But, aware must still be there in deep sleep, because when the alarm goes off, consciousness is triggered and you wake up.

And yes, you are also aware, or know, that you are conscious. So you must be prior to consciousness.

This is all well and good, but should not be made into a philosophy. It really does not matter for coming to know freedom. So just forget all of that and be free.

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