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Many people who have been engaged in the inquiry work on private and group calls have

written to me to share their experiences. I've posted some of them here.


Hello, Sal! I've been feeling alot of gratitude today. What's true shines so bright, so damn bright. It just is, and I'm not doing a damn thing! Doubts can and do come, but what's true is untouched. What this whole doubting nonsense is, is becoming much more obvious to me now. This doubting business has been very big for me, and there's been a lot of good stuff in your first set of group two. Super helpful to me, these files.

The amount of love and gratitude I feel is inexpressible. Thanks for everything. 


Talking about gratitude, I am so thankful for today and for the group and especially for you, Sal, for making it all possible and keeping on message over and over again. It snapped me back to truth, now, and off that relentless merry go round. There is so much heart in what you do, and none of the bullshit, Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


I don't know how to start. These sessions have been absolutely incredible. Oh boy, what a relief! I have no way of ever expressing my gratitude for what you've done. I'm now so content with what I am, what I have and what other people are and what they have.

Since the very first session, I have found myself increasingly incapable of comparison, judgement, hate and jealousy and also incapable of being affected by other people's comparison, judgement, hate and jealousy, which I had begun to think was natural. Awareness of what is, has taken it all away.

Thank you so much my brother.


I don't know how to show my gratitude to you. You showed me something that can never be forgotten or lost and never lost in the first place and showed me the essential nature of me and everyone and everything around.

I see the value and it's freedom more an more. As you said, how you show up in the world and it's happening by itself without trying. There is nothing to seek for upgrading myself or being myself or transcend the self or all the crap that was in my head. It's so good to live without those ideas. I'm so happy to be what I am, I tried so hard to change it and transcend it and it was like hell really. Thank you for your simple and straightforward inquiries. Thank you for your patience and thank you for your love without any conditions towards me.

Thank you so much. thank you for everything.


I wanted to say thank you. I saw your interview on BatGap and purchased your book on Amazon. I'm not even finished it yet (and I will finish it), but I know my seeking of 15 years has come to an end. I have finally seen what has been right in front of me all this time...unbelievable! You are a gift!


It was a great and wonderful journey, thanks for showing me what is and always will be, thanks for giving me the realisation that nothing has to change and the understanding that I am what I have always been looking for, ordinary, free, always now. Let the play of lila go on ;-) Much love. 


Thank you for the group sessions. I'd been chasing my tail wondering how to rest for a long long time, always trying to find something in the next video, book, satsang or teacher and life was on hold, waiting for some special event.

The sessions with you have  gradually brought that daily seeking (which was from morning til night) down to pretty much zero. When I turn youtube on now its to watch Adventure Time!

I remember, after the first meeting, taking down all the junk off my walls accumulated from practicing this and that over the years, and having a good hysterical laugh and cry and the relief! No one to become, nothing to do, Nothing to find in another person, place or thing.

What unending relief that is.

Thank you.

Loads of love.


For most of my adult life there has been the feeling that something was missing or lacking from. While I have been blessed with a beautiful wife and family, this feeling has been ever present. I did not grow up with a traditional Judeo-Christian religious background and never had a safety net. Being a physician I started looking for answers in books ranging from particle physics to quantum consciousness, however, no answers came, just more questions.

Recently I was introduced to these inquiries. At first I was skeptical and honestly a little afraid of what I might find. However, I soon began to see the tremendous value of what I was recognizing. Before, I was a victim/slave to my thoughts and emotions, cycling through never ending loops of internal dialogue that only created tremendous suffering. Thankfully, I have come to SEE that these thoughts come and go and have no power. The relief of this has been profound in my life.

What I have come to see, for myself, is that I am whole, complete, lacking nothing. I am fine with being here, now. How beautifully simple this is. Removing the false ideas of who I am, I originally thought, would leave me with nothing. Somehow this would make me ambivalent to the people and world around me. Ironically, the nature of who I am, present, intelligently aware has come to the forefront. My interaction with this material world has become so much more meaningful and satisfying. How wonderful it is to see the world through this shift in knowing and now feeling complete and whole.

This shift in knowing who I am has been a real gift. Once it was clearly seen I never have to be reminded again. The results of this have helped me immensely. The thoughts, desires, jealousy that I had before no longer have the same grasp on me as they once had. This is true mental health and that is a gift for both me and the world around me.


I am writing to you because I want to thank you for all the help you have given me. I am sorry if at the beginning you had to put up with my beliefs about zen. Now, even if I find it hard to believe, all that seeking has completely lost any sense.

Today the belief in the individual me is losing its solidity and Truth is being revealed naturally. I am very happy and thankful.

Thank you also for your patience and love when transmitting it. I know it is difficult to talk about all this.

I also want to tell you that you can count on me, in anything that I can help you with.

Thank you so much my friend!!


You are a crazy mofu. You have opened my can of worms and they are loving it!

Spontaneous attention to what is real is destroying all the attachments, within and without (same, same) that once went unnoticed and ignored to sustain a sense of separate self.

There is an immense feeling of solitude in place of all that noise. This is refreshing, and currently not a problem, because the qualities I held as me have little consequence and there is no interest to sustain them. I am not claiming the fan has completely stopped. Within that solitude there is still a sporadic remnant of grasping, a slight breeze that can arise to spin the blades of loneliness. That appearance too is no match for the solitude.

As a former world-class sycophant, what I once was attracted to in people, places and things were projected beliefs which vainly supported "my" sense of self. As the belief in separate self is seen through, the fear of acknowledging and speaking what is true can no longer be found. What is spoken spontaneously arises, and much to the chagrin of others. 

A few group meetings ago I rhetorically uttered, why am I still attending these meetings? As I mentioned above the fan is slowing.

Life goes on, work happens. As they say, I'm still chopping wood and carrying water. All is well.


I'm always aware of myself - even if I think I'm lost in thoughts.

It's one hell of a vantage point.

The word simple is not simple enough! Complication needs time. This is NOT mental!

This is all striking me as very funny right now! :) Seeing this clearly feels like my homeland, where I belong. What I've always known.


I'm just realizing how there is just an empty field that I really am, and not the objects that appear in it and any possibility can appear within it. And it's always been that way. I just felt like I need to communicate that to you. And how true it is to value this above anything. It's the difference between valuing essence over appearance. I'm very grateful. This is the happiest I've ever been in my life. For a long time I was identified with those special experiences, of oneness and all of that stuff. What a trap of specialness that is. I was telling my wife the other day how grateful I am.

Thank you very much, I'm very very grateful.


I was doing my going from focus of mind, to being awareness, and it occurred to me, like we discussed last week, that everything is life, and this life I call "me" is just the same as everything. 

Then I got it! I know that I have been told thousands of times that "I am not this body/mind", but the thing that was holding me back was I was still trying to "see" from this body/mind. I could not understand how "I" could be one with everything else. And in that moment, I saw that there was only THIS.  I was THIS. The body/mind was no different than everything else, and I got a look from THIS. This is the first time that I was ever able to see, not connected to this body/mind. I have seen it. Very cool.


It’s hard, if not impossible, to put into words what meeting you and your teachings have meant to me. After a lifetime of seeking to answer the question of who am I, thanks to you, there was an end to seeking. I’m home.

For most of my 74 years, I have been a seeker. Going from one course and teacher to the next and reading everything I could. The answer was as illusive as ever. I was even involved in setting up a yoga center complete with guru, on a 20-acre farm in the 1970s. I got a masters degree in Conscious Evolution not long ago and went to retreats with so called “awakened” teachers. There was no end to the quest. Getting rid of the ego, marathon meditation sessions, and another course all led to the same place, back to where I started.

That was until I met and worked with you. What seemed unattainable became completely obvious. I now know that I am whole, complete, lacking nothing and free. I am grateful beyond words.


Hi Sal,

So totally grateful for this work... it's like finally finding a home, after looking all these years...

even though there's no home to be found...lots of freedom

Huge relief.

Beyond words of gratitude


Hi Sal,

Just want to say I’m so very grateful for what you have set up. The book, our calls, the group calls, the past recordings. You said that the group calls are where it really happens and I am beginning to see it now.

I have little to no interest in checking out other non-dual talks anymore. Even people that I really enjoyed & who visit once a year, I find myself passing on without second thoughts. It so nice to not be digging shallow holes, jumping from one teaching to another, stuck hoping the next sentence or next word might deliver the decapitating blow.

Also the holiday I’m noticing more clearly now and valuing it. It was in one of your past recordings that you were talking about holidays and it sounded to me like something of an acid test: “Is there story? Is there a past? Is there a self?”

Recognizing that there are none of these, and the relief that is felt in their nonexistence, really makes obvious the value of holiday.

So much thanks for all you are doing.

Best, George



Washing over all of it,  there is a kind of still-subtle sense of well-being that is gradually seeping into my moment-to-moment existence, more and more of the time, an implicit Recognition of Who I Am that makes moments like this even more delicious than they ever might have been with my previous tentative, problem-oriented asana, my belief in the dream (despite my intellectual knowing that it was illusory).  Thank you very much, Sal. I am grateful beyond my ability to communicate.  The 63rd year has been the turning point in this particular lifetime.


Hi Sal,

Somehow I don´t have an attraction to participating in the groups recently. Life is great, challenging and normal. (Now I see why you said, you´re not a good businessman… it works too well. You should think about making people dependent on you.;)) Right now I´m not even interested in dealing with that topic.

I want to thank you again for sharing what you found to be true and the truthful and clear support you gave me.

I wish you all the best from my heart.

With deep gratitude


Thank you so much for having done all this work with me (and the others) and for helping me know who I am.

Lots of love and gratitude always.


Thank you for everything. What a relief to be done with spiritual seeking – I have found what I have been seeking all these years.  Thank you so much.

Nils and Lone

We have appreciated so much working with you and also with the beautiful people in the part 2 group. We cannot express in words how grateful we are for meeting you Sal. Both of us have been seekers for so many years, now that is over. No more seeking - what a relief - it cannot be explained. At first, it was unbelievable that it could be so simple and ordinary, what a joke when looking at the amount of spiritual luggage that we carried. You helped us to see what is real - the work you are doing is outstanding. Sal, we love you and thank you forever for making this possible.


After 40 years of searching for Liberation - always a someday 'future' happening - I have found it in the 'now'. It has always been here, my true state of being. Who I am, without the incessant stream of thought I unconsciously and habitually identified with, almost every moment of everyday - all the unrelenting stories in my head, of past and future scenarios, composed of dread and fear, all my own creation.

Sal, thank you for what you have given, transferred to me. You are a great and loving and (patient) fun teacher, who is blessed with the gift to translate and convey Liberation into what it simply is - our natural state of being - without all the baggage. And it has all transpired in the course of a couple of months. I've encountered many teachings along the path - and have learned and grown from all - but now I know truth. I am free. And so grateful to you.

You will always be with me  - in my heart and spirit.  

Love and light.


I'd spent years floating, getting nowhere. The past two months with you have been like finding the secret passage in a video game! (Can you tell I have teenage boys?) It wasn't that I needed to seek harder, or be a better meditator, or spend more time on retreat -- this is a completely different paradigm. Not going from "here" to "there" but rather waking up to the absence of movement, to finding what was always true and always actually known.

Thank you, Sal. I can barely type that without crying....the gratitude is deep beyond belief.


I'd love to say that after doing the inquiries with Sal my life has radically changed and that now it's perfect, that my mind is calm and that everything is tranquility. However, it's not like that, everything is still the same. My mind is still reproducing information, generating histories, questioning, thoughts come and go. Emotions also appear and disappear without sense or control. "Bad" things keep happening so it would seem basically there is no change, but now I KNOW who I AM and that's all I need to know.

Thank you Sal for helping me "see" what has always been present.

Gracias, gracias, gracias

In love and gratitude


All things pass but the truth of now always abides. Thank you Sal for everything, its been a pleasure. Peace and love my brother.


As I continue to work with you, the humour of this life is becoming more and more evident.  I love that I am now just as I had always hoped to become.  All the refinement I have been doing over the years was my strong wish to be as I truly am.  Isn’t that interesting?  That even when we are lost in misidentification with the body-mind, we still have an underlying knowing of who we truly are and those of us on a path to self-improvement, naturally make our goal the way we would be if we knew who we were.  I guess the fact that trying to bend the body-mind into alignment with how a liberated mind would function causes such suffering that we undertake the kind of searching journey you did, only to find that the answer lay elsewhere – such a twist in the tale!

You have no idea how grateful I am that you knew how to lead me to clarity – and you do that in such a direct way Sal.  The utter confidence and non-compromising stance you have is critical I feel.  I had to step right out of any zone I had ever known (beyond anything one could consider a “comfort zone) and I could only do that because you were rock solid in this.


I am so grateful to have met you, Sal. Thank you for showing me the futility in wanting something similar to the experiences I had. Thank you for showing the pointlessness in all these cravings. There is nothing left but this. Thank you for making it so clear. Your way of teaching with kindness, efficiency, precision and humor is exceptional. I am really blown away. It really ends here. Thank you for pointing so clear and so direct. You are the best. It's hard to express how much gratitude I have for you.