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Knowing Freedom and Love brings Peace, Ease in life, and Freedom from Anxiety

April 29, 30 and May 27, 28

If you are not able to attend the sessions live on Zoom, you can still sign up and have full access to the videos and audios

"I was able to drop what had become a permanent seeking for a fix to my life. This left me with great ease and more ability to enjoy my life" – Gareth

"I got Free! It was like pieces of a puzzle suddenly clicked into place" – BURMA

Even before we become spiritual seekers, we are all seeking – we seek for meaning, for peace, for fulfillment, for clarity and yes, for love.

I say, we have sought enough, now it’s time to find. We all have the right to recognize our free, loving, essential being, and to live from a different paradigm, in this very life.

There is nothing spiritual, esoteric or philosophical about what I share. Experiencing freedom and living love are simply the result of knowing what is true and being devoted to truth. This is a paradigm shift, and YES, it happens.

It occurred to me to offer four 3-hour sessions spread across two weekends – one in April and one in May. I feel this is the best I can share this sense of knowing, freedom and love without you having to commit to a full intensive. 

These sessions will reveal to you this way of being, which is already who you are. You have just overlooked it due to a lifetime of impressions from culture, religion, experiences, etc. In a word, through ignorance. And because it is already your essential being, it is not difficult. FREEDOM IS FOR YOU!


  • An ease of being in your life
  • Far less judgment and blame
  • More compassion for yourself and others
  • Far less fear, worry, and concern
  • More love and harmony in your life and relationships
  • The end of seeking
  • Peace


  • You've thought about joining one of Sal's intensives but are looking for a convenient way to dip your toe in the water while still receiving the full message
  • You've attended an intensive before, and want to stay engaged with Sal and friends to support you in living freedom more fully
  • You've been spiritually seeking, and are ready to stop seeking and find true knowing, freedom and love
  • You are simply looking for peace, ease and freedom from anxiety


"Sal’s method and technique are masterful. I am left with gratitude and a deep sense of well-being." - LINDA 

"I loved this intensive with Sal. With wit, humor and love, and your head firmly on the chopping block, Sal lays bare the myths and misconceptions we all have around the idea of Enlightenment. If your heart yearns for completion. THIS IS IT! Many thanks". - EVA


There will be two meetings, approximately 3 hours each. Sal will share inquiries so that you will come to know love and compassion, as your own essential being. After the inquiries there will be time for Q&A. 

Sal has been teaching freedom both online and in person for over 12 years. The purpose of this work is to enable others to recognize the freedom that has always been true, here and now. 

We will inquire together in many ways that make these issues very clear. And there will time for questions. 

May 27 and 28 - WHAT IS LOVE
(Saturday and Sunday)

India - 9:30 PM
Paris - 6:00 PM
London - 5:00 PM
New York - 12 Noon
West Coast, USA - 9 AM


Each session will be recorded and you will have streaming access to it on the Liberation IS audio and video portal, for as long as you would like. 

If you are not able to attend the sessions live on Zoom, you can still sign up and have full access to the videos and audios.

"Words can hardly describe how much the intensive meant to me. After so many decades of being a professional spiritual seeker, which included most everything of the spiritual and psychological menues, I finally know, that I am free now and always already had been that, which I was seeking. Even though I had had many mystical experiences, near death experiences and more, it always again changed and the self, the person I thought I was, was not able to sustain any freedom or peace, no matter how hard I worked at it. Now there is this huge relief, that I am not that person or individual soul and never was, and especially, that I do not have to be special at all. What a breath  of fresh air! You chopped off my head in the most gentle way possible , yet with such clarity and patience for all of our strange beliefs etc... I can`t believe all the stuff I believed!! So with all my heart a huge thank you to you and also to Bindu for your love, kindness and authenticity." - BETTINE .


For people who have been on a full 2 month or 10 day live intensive with Sal already, not a mini, the price is 250 USD

Once you submit the form below, you will be transferred to the payment page 


"Knots came undone on their own and continue to do so. I think I also became less hung up on how that unwinding was supposed to happen or look like. More forgiving on many fronts. it just won't be figured out!!! And now I love that!" - ANNETTE

"A   feeling   of Joy and lightness,  of   Living !... " - MYRIAM

" I value your work immensely and want to be helpful to others, if I can, to hear and receive your message. " – ANDREA

"Before the intensive I’m not sure what I wanted, to be honest.  I’m so disillusioned with the spiritual path having been on it for decades.  But if I dig deep, I believe I was still looking for an experience of freedom.  A strong feeling or vision, or something like that. After the intensive, I know freedom is not about feelings or experiences.  It’s about knowing that in the midst of any and all experiences and feelings, I am free and all of those feelings and experiences are arising in freedom.  Thanks for your important work Sal! " LISA