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Freedom Intensives in Tiruvannamalai, India

Intensives in Tiru with Sal are a paradigm shifting experience. You will be living freedom from the moment the intensive begins, all day every day. You will meet beautiful new friends who are engaged in discovering and living their own natural human condition of freedom and health. Tiruvannamalai, with Mount Arunachala, is a very poweful place for this life-changing paradigm shift to happen.

For some people, traveling to India seems danuting. But it is not. We make it very easy to come to India. Our friend Garima will assist you all through your journey and help you find a good place to stay. And she will answer any questions you have and help you get settled here with anything you may need. 

We will be holding 2 Freedom Intensives in August 2023. They are 10 days long each. We will also be holding Freedom Meetings in between the intensives for you who have joined an intensive. These will be a few hours a day to continue being together in freedom.

You can join one, two or all three intensives. Spending the full two month season here at Aruncahala with Sal, Bindu and friends can be a hugely transformative time.


We will also be making available videos of the intensives for people who are not be able to travel here. They will be available to stream on our web portal. They will not be live streamed, but available shortly after each session. People who do attend in person will also be able to access them. You will also be able to email questions for Sal to answer.

There are no Covid requirments to enter India - no PCR test, no proof of vaccine, no online form. And getting a 5-year mulitple entry E-Visa is simple, online. 

We will help make your trip easy. We help with accommodations, taxis, restuarants, visa info, money exchange and anything else you may need. 


Our beautiful friend Stephan created an amazing video of his trip to Tiruvannamalai, India and the intensive. He is a world class photojournalist, and his images and story are wonderful. If you want to know about Tiruvannamalai, and really feel that you are here, watch this video.

I accompanied his sharing and images with my music and also some great Indian music. I hope you enjoy!!

I hope to meet you here, you will have "a lifetime experience",  as Stephan says.



Joining an Intensive Offers


- It will bring ease of being
- Far less contraction and resistance to life
- Far less, or no, judgement of yourself and others
- Much more compassion for yourself and your loved ones and everyone else
- Less, or no, need to control yourself or life 
- Far less fear, worry and concern
- More love and harmony in your life and relationships 
- The end of seeking in the world or in spirituality for peace and relief 
- The end of the need for meaning, and just simply, living this life, as it is/
- Less, or no, arguing with yourself or the world 
- It is the peace that passes understanding, but that can be known, by you. 

During the Intensive

  • 10 full days of immersive inquiry with Sal

  • The possibility of 1 full month with Sal and friends (spending the full month here and joining both intensive is very powerful.)

  • Daily inquiry sessions and Q&A sessions with Sal

  • Online streamed audios for all of the sessions.

  • Freedom Meetings

After the Intensive 

  • Ongoing support to help to you live freedom in your daily life. 

  • Invitation to join the Lions Den, a group of friends who meet on Zoom each Saturday to ask Sal questions, clear up doubts or just to be together in freedom.  There is no charge for the Lions Den.

  • Invitation to the Lions Den Online Community, where you can connect with other people engaged in this work, to share and be together in freedom. There is no charge for this either. Sal does not attend these meetings, they are for you to be with your new friends. 

  • Free audios from the weekly Lions Den meetings, and free access to all of the hundreds of past Lions Den meetings.

  • If you have been on any intensive you are welcome to attend at half price. This applies to future Online Intensives if you care to join them.

"A seeker came to Tiruvannamalai. He had heard about “the end of the spiritual path“ on which he had been more or less lustwalking for decades now. Somehow he had enough, and so he set out to meet Salvatore Poe. As it turned out, the best decision of his life. The seeker was me. And I'm not looking anymore. Sal could really show it to me!  Inside me. Where it has been all along, waiting to be found. My heart is overflowing with joy, with love and also gratitude. I was allowed to understand. And I was ready to meet Sal. What a privilege and what a gift! The incredible energy of Arunachala supports immensely in the process of understanding. It was my first time in India and everything was so lovingly organized by Sal. Garima, the contact person for all questions regarding accommodation, stay, way of life here in Tiruvannamalai, made me feel at home. Bindu’s breathwork is an inner adventure and a great enrichment. I met such beautiful, valuable people in the ten days at Sal‘s rooftop.  Meanwhile I am back home in the deep winter in Austria's mountains. And my heart is still overflowing with love and joy and gratitude and jubilation. Free. What can be more beautiful than knowing who you are. Thank you Sal for showing and sharing!" Love, Stephan

"Just to say a big THANK YOU for your work! The intensive has been a fantastic journey for me! I don’t know if you remember my words at the beginning of the intensive: “it could not be any better “ and you replied to me: “ it will get better” ! You were absolutely RIGHT! I am ready for the play of Lila because I know that I am.
So grateful! Thank you again!" 
Love , Jean-Yves



Intensive 1 - August 4 -14 (first day is info meeting 4 PM)

   Freedom Meetings and Breathwork with Bindu 

Intensive 2 – August 18 - 28 (first day is info meeting 4 PM)

Intensive Timings:

Our house will be open from 8:30 AM to 5 PM each day of the intensive. We will serve chai, coffee and water.

Daily Schedule:
9-11 AM - Listening to audios. Meeting privately with Bindu (On request)
11–1 PM - Inquiry Session with Sal
1–3 PM - Lunch break
3–4 PM - Listening to audios. Meeting privately with Bindu (On request)
4-5 PM – Q&A with Sal

Breathwork with Bindu

On the last day of each intensive, Bindu will hold a Breathwork session and then we will have lunch together. 
You can check out her work here: BREATHWORK FREEDOM

Audio Recordings

A big part of these intensives is to spend time listening to audios. Each inquiry session and Q&A session will be recorded and you will be able to download it right after the meeting. There is ample time each day for listening.

Freedom Meetings

After this first intensive, there will be a 2-day break, and then we will meet daily and casually for spending time in freedom. We can have Q&A sessions and discussions to clear up doubts and become more reconciled in freedom, or just hang out. Bindu and I are also happy to meet people occasionally for lunch or dinner. 

My eyes fill with tears of great gratitude and I SEE the truth. We are all free. I thought I knew this. - LINDA

This is a teacher who delivers and who genuinely wanted me finished, and finished I am. - HUGH

The end of the spiritual path is real. - DYLAN

Live Intensive Pricing

One Intensive - $950
Two Intensives - $1425

The Freedom Meetings are included in the price.

We make exceptions on the price for people who genuinely cannot afford it. Please contact us about that if that is your situation. 

If you've been on a full intensive either live or online, not a mini-intensive, the intensive prices are:
One Intensive - $700
Two Intensives - $1000

Video Recording Pricing

If you would like to receive the video recordings and participate from your home, the prices are below. They will be available as online streaming.

One intensive $475
Two Intensives $715

The Freedom Meetings will not be video recorded.

The price for video recordings is the same for everyone


Sign-up Information CLICK HERE 

Once you have applied, we will be providing you with information about travel, visas and guest houses in Tiru, as well as local restaurants and a lot of other info. Our house is conveniently located, near many guest houses.

Please go to the next page to read the intensive requirements and suggestions. Once you agree to those, you will be directed to the payment page.