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Video Streaming 

If you're unable to come to India you can watch the video recordings from your home. The video will not be live streamed but will be posted directly after each session.

There are two videos posted on our web portal for each day of the intensives. One Inquiry session and One Q&A session. A total of eighteen videos. 

You can watch them at your leisure, and you will have access to them indefinitely. 

You can purchase them before, during or after the intensives. 

The 10 day intensive dates are:
Intensive 1 - January 5
Intensive 2 - January 27
Intensive 3 - February 8

One intensive $475
Two Intensives $715
Three Intensives $865

Please pay by Paypal using this address: salvadoredibartolo@gmail.com
IMPORTANT: In the Paypal message area - Put your name and email address so we know who you are and can add you to the video streaming portal.
Ex. (your name and email) Intensive 1 Videos.
This is important, please don't forget. 
Please try to choose the Friends and Family option when making your payment, if possible. 

Once we receive your payment, we will send you the Video Portal Streaming information. Please allow us up to one day to respond, usually sooner. 

Thank you!