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Two Day Online Mini-intensive - RECOGNIZING FREEDOM

Freedom is your birthright. No more seeking, searching, or needing to change is needed. You are ready now.

This intensive will make it very obvious and clear to you what freedom is. That does not mean an explanation or a description. It is a very clear, simple and doubtless shift of your being, from belief in and bondage to mind to being blown wide open, free. It is good for spiritual seekers and not spiritual seekers alike.

This mini-intensive is perfect for anyone who wants to know what real freedom is, and what the impact of knowing this will have in your life. 

If you've worked with Sal, you know he doesn't talk 'about' freedom, he reveals freedom in very simple and human ways. There is nothing spiritual, esoteric, or philosophical in his means of inquiry.

If you have attended an open meeting only, these sessions will be an much more extensive delve into freedom and how you can have it now. 

There will be two meetings, approximately 3 hours each. Sal will share inquiries so that you will come to know freedom for yourself, as your own essential being. After the inquiries there will be time for Q&A. 

Sal has been teaching freedom both online and in person for over 12 years. The purpose of this work is to enable others to recognize the freedom that has always been true and here now.


Each session will be recorded and you will have streaming access to it on the Liberation IS audio and video portal, for as long as you would like. 

If you are not able to attend the sessions live on Zoom, you can still sign up and have full access to the videos and audios.

DATES: Saturday March 25 and Sunday March 26
(Because of the daylight savings time change, there are two different times in Europe. Please make sure you are aware of this)

9:30 PM India Time

5:00 PM March 25  - 6:00 PM March 26 Paris Time

4:00 PM March 25 - 5:00 PM March 26 London Time

12 PM New York

9 AM Pacific 


For people who have been on an intensive with Sal already, the price is 100 USD

Please pay to Paypal: salvadoredibartolo@gmail.com

Please put your full name and "Mini-intensive" in the message part of Paypay. Otherwise, I will not know who is sending money. Thank you.

Please try to choose the option for Friends and Family, instead of Goods and Services, if possible. Thanks.

Once your payment is received, we will send you a welcome email with the Zoom Link. 


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It is just sheer grace that I was able to find you. Words cannot describe my gratitude. You are simply beautiful!
VINEETH - June 2021 Intensive
The relief and freedom I’ve felt since the first day of the intensive has been subtle and yet truly significant. 
BARNY - June 2021 Intensive
With some speakers you get nothing.  With Sal you 'get' No-Thing! What a gift.
CATHY - June 2021 Intensive
I can't express how much your work has meant to me and how grateful I am.
ZAM - June 2021 Intensive
I just love seeing and hearing the awake rock star any time I turn the Zoom on, such a pleasure and fun! Never boring, never dull.
MARKETA - June 2021 Intensive
The intensive is not about getting fixed or enlightened. It is about being real and free now.  And who doesn’t want that?
BURMA - June 2021 Intensive
I now know the truth of 'Be Still and Know that I Am God'. The intensive has confirmed to me what I know deep within.
NALINI - June 2021 Intensive
If your heart yearns for completion. THIS IS IT!
EVA January 2021 Intensive
Though others have pointed to the same thing, no one else in my experience has done it so directly, simply, and convincingly.  And with such good humor.
LARRY January 2021 Intensive. 
Sal’s method and technique are masterful. I am left with gratitude and a deep sense of well-being.
LINDA January 2021 Intensive