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Free Open Meetings - Every other Sunday on Zoom

Next meeting: Sunday, August 28, at

12 PM New York, USA,

9:30 PM India Time

Everyone is welcome to engage with Sal directly, or simply listen and enjoy the peace and ease of your own essential being.

For more information go to: Freedom Meetings

Watch Sal's interview with Rick Archer on Buddha at the Gas Pump

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Suspension of Disbelief

We may insist that we are being beneficial or being benefited, lending or receiving a hand, offering or receiving value, imparting or receiving insights, helping or being helped, but that is all part of the projected mirage, which appears to be—someone sharing something to someone, but in reality is—no one sharing nothing to no one.  Read More…

Grace is a Solid Kick in the Ass

Without grace we will continue to wander around the lifeless desert of ignorance and suffering forever. Grace is not a good feeling. It is a solid kick in the ass.  Read More…