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Being devoted to attaining freedom in the future, is not being devoted to freedom. It is being devoted to seeking.

Freedom is always and only now.

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The light in enlightenment is knowing. Knowing is both the goal and the way. In knowing, you are revealed. Self-effulgent, or self-knowing, this is your essential being here, now and always. In continuing knowing, mind becomes free of doubt. The way of freedom is to be free.

In this follow up to Liberation IS, The End of the Spiritual Path, Salvadore speaks with people he has worked with intensively over the last several years to clear up any remaining questions and doubts. Liberations IS helped people recognize their free essential being. This book will help make that recognition doubtless.

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“Sal has delivered again and again the same message to the point where it eventually just took up residence, clearing away all misconceptions and beliefs about the spiritual/life experience and leaving a vast freedom in its place. I kind of take it for granted now, it is just life, open and spacious.” 

“I'm done. I was, after reading the first few chapters of your book. I have always been this. Whole. Complete. Free. Untouched. Unchanging. Pure. Timeless. Now. All I can say, is a simple Thank you.” 

"Sal has given me the greatest gift I could ever receive—he has shown me my essential nature, and has shown me how valuable it is to recognize this. His ongoing support and guidance have helped me be doubtless that this is who I am. I still can’t really believe my luck! Thank you doesn’t seem enough to say. But thank you, Sal."  

“Sal has shown me my true essential nature. Simple and ordinary.” 

“I read your book and absolutely incredibly it finished "me" and began knowing. I just wanted to let you know the impact your book had. So grateful!” 

This book is a journey through the inquiries that have guided many people, helping them to recognize their free essential being and be finished seeking. In this book you will find inquiries, experiments, questions and answers that can help you come to know for yourself your essential being and that you lack nothing, are complete and whole just as you are and are in fact free already.

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Understanding “No-self” - Excerpt from The Way of Freedom

Self needs time to exist. In no time, there’s no self. Yes, of course, there are feelings in this body-mind, and that feels like “me,” here and now. But again, that in and of itself does not cause suffering. What causes suffering is the belief in the time-based self. However, that self does not exist. There is no actual self.  Read More…

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Sal holds open, online meetings every other Sunday on Zoom. If you have any questions about liberation or would like to know more about upcoming intensives in India, you are welcome to join. All are invited. 

The next Online Open Meeting will be
SUNDAY, April 22, 12 Noon, New York Time

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