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The Immersion Intensive is for people who want to have a genuine recognition of their essential being and who are ready to be finished seeking.

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If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Intensive, I will be holding open meetings online twice a month.  Please feel free to join.

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Coming to know that you lack nothing, that you are complete and whole already, 
that you are now and always have been free, and being finished seeking, is the result of genuine inquiry.

This book is a journey through the inquiries that have guided many people, helping them to recognize their free essential being and be finished seeking. In this book you will find inquiries, experiments, questions and answers that can help you come to know for yourself your essential being and that you lack nothing, are complete and whole just as you are and are in fact free already.

Some Amazon Reviews

If you are completely sincere about waking up, and want to be finished seeking, this is it. There is no higher praise I can give.

It all comes down to this. If you're tired of spiritual seeking, tired of all the paths and books and teachers and... Good news - it can finish here. And if you're not yet weary of seeking - why, you may just very well save yourself a whole lot of time. Buy. Without hesitation.

If you have the intention for freedom, this is the book for you. The search ended when I started reading Liberation IS.

I still read the book, slowly. Deeply I start to remember truth. This book is not like other books. I never met such radical guidance before, still so simple and ordinary. This book makes me taste freedom.

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Continuation of Why All The Meanness in the World?

Siva is a concept. In my view, that concept simply points to the changeless aspect of you. Ascribing will to Siva or the Lord is yet another concept, the idea of which is to say that you are not in control. That is true. To then state, you are not in control because Siva or Lord is, goes one step too far, in my opinion.  Read More…

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