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The light of knowing, knows itself. And you are that!

The Dates for the Winter 2019-2020 India Intensives are now posted here: INTENSIVES

Online Meetings - Every other Sunday

Next meeting: Sunday, February 9, at 11 AM New York, USA (EST)

Everyone is welcome to engage with Sal directly, or simply listen and enjoy the peace and ease of their own essential being.

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"I get more out of your Sunday group than I have in 15 years of seeking . I never ask a question because it is so clear, there just doesn’t seem to be any questions. Thank you for this work."  - Robert B.

This book guides you step by step to awakening. There are numerous books that talk about spiritual awakening and enlightenment. And while reading any of them, you may be inspired, and you may be impressed with the wisdom of the author, but you don’t awaken. You just add more concepts and beliefs to your mind about what enlightenment is, and this keeps you seeking for answers and resolution.

Liberation IS, The End of the Spiritual Path is different. It is intended as a final push for those who are ready to be finished seeking. Through inquiries and experiments, you are guided to recognize your free essential being, and what is revealed in that recognition is that you are whole and complete, lacking nothing, exactly as you are now. When this is clearly seen and becomes doubtless, seeking ends naturally, by itself. 

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I just finished the book, re-reading some parts several times. I’m stunned at what just happened. I’m finished seeking. It’s so simple. Thoughts come and go and I’m just aware nothing and I’m happy to be nothing all day, what a relief. It’s as if suddenly I just accepted what you were saying and everything just changed. I feel at peace. Thank you.
— Robert

I'm done. I was, after reading the first few chapters of your book. I have always been this. Whole. Complete. Free. Untouched. Unchanging. Pure. Timeless. Now. All I can say, is a simple Thank you.
— Dharm

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Now Available: Holidays

Guided Holidays for Coming to Know Freedom

A four-hour audio collection of seventeen holidays that guides you to see clearly your own essential freedom and to recognize that freedom is only, ever, always - now.

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Freedom is Only, Ever, Always, Now.

You are not going to be any more free than you are right at this moment. Freedom isn't something you attain. Freedom is something you recognize, now. The idea that you will be more doubtless in the future is only that, an idea. It’s not true. You’re not going to be more free in the future. You are only going to recognize it’s doubtless, now.  Read More…

Idea of Perfection

Believing thoughts like, “Oh my God, the mind said something! I’m so unenlightened!” is completely missing the point. When you say something like, “I’m not there yet,” or “I’m not fully resolved,” you’re mistaking who you are. You’re saying, “I am the mind. I am these thoughts.” But the truth is, you are not that. You are 100% resolved, completely finished, now!  Be who you are!  Read More…

In this follow up to Liberation IS, The End of the Spiritual Path, Salvadore speaks with people he has worked with intensively over the last several years to clear up any remaining questions and doubts. Liberations IS helped people recognize their free essential being. The Way of Freedom will help make that recognition doubtless.

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The light in enlightenment is knowing.
Knowing is both the goal and the way.

In knowing, you are revealed.

Self-effulgent, or self-knowing,
this is your essential being here, now and always.

In continuing knowing, mind becomes free of doubt.

The way of freedom is to be free.

Don't hesitate to buy this book - if you think 'Liberation IS' is great ( and it is! ), this book is the 'crowning glory'!
— Richard Fairley

Your two books are my favorites ever. My copies are so underlined, I just got second copies of both! So beautiful to read! Makes everything so simple! Thank you for the beautiful teachings!
— Meryl Baratz

Sal, after listening to your videos and being blown away by the simplicity and clarity of your sharing, I bought your book. The value is not just in the words and insights you share, but in the structure of the sharing. With every question, you encourage real looking at what is actually true right now. This is the one habit that is the natural action that follows the intention for freedom when it is present. There are so many teachers out there adding way too much to the message and thereby clouding over the truth.....but not with your book ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sal. To say that your work has made a tremendous impact would be a huge understatement. I highly recommend your beautiful book as a powerful clarification of what it means to be free. Seeing what is already true does something to the incessant scrambling to look in the mind for answers. That is gone.
— Mark Sturm