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Open Meetings

"Exceptionally great meeting. Was very moved by clear, truthful, no-doubt revelation / realization moments, intense & beautiful." - Eli

The next Zoom Meeting is - Sunday, June 2, at 12 PM New York Time (ET)

It is free and everyone is welcome to ask questions or just listen and enjoy the peace of your own essential being. I will only be answering questions from people I can see and hear, not from text chats. That is because I find it much more effective and helpful to engage with someone directly. I do not post these meetings. I do, however, occassionally post an excerpt, but I never use anyone's image and always ask permission if their voice is heard. 

12 PM, New York Time (ET) / 9:30 PM (21:30) Chennai, India time

To find your local time use this link: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html

Join here: https://zoom.us/j/213275484

If you do not already have Zoom installed, then you will need to go to the above Zoom link and install the app. It only takes a minute. Once you have done that, save the link as you will use it each time you join a meeting. At the time of a meeting, simply click that link and you will be on the call. Kindly log on and be settled down a few minutes before the meeting begins.

Dear Sal, I enjoyed the meeting today and I had such a profound feeling of a release of sorts...like all of a sudden many, many things seemed so irrelevant, so "time" wasteful...so unnecessary...I still cannot stop laughing...in a good way, I mean...like liberating laughter...words are silly...I know...lol...laughing at myself, too...how entangled in all kinda stuff I really am...lol...mamma mia...lol...Read some of your articles, so valuable....wow... and of course: ordered both books on Amazon...so I am sure I might have a question or two next time...as I dive in, joyfully! Truth is just so profoundly SIMPLE, and our poor, exhausted, tricky minds adore stuff to be complicated..so with the "alluring" thoughts....lol...they will fight it and try to repel the life-saving understanding...I feel awesome in your humble, compassionate, awakened company and I love to have my head just swiftly chopped off and be done with searching and the whole crap,...techniques...modalities...sinking deeper down through the rabbit hole....lol...all together. Your humor is down to earth, contagious and just right on! Love it! Football and oranges....haha haha...analogy to freedom and spirituality...lol...Cracking up here, really. Your words echo within:...not even the word Nothing,...get rid of it! Yes!!!!... Doubtless mind equals Freedom. Yessss! FREEDOM is only, ever, always NOW. So it is. Blessings♥Neala:) Luv' ya♥TY

Salvadore Poe Open Meeting Meditation