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Open Meetings

"Exceptionally great meeting. Was very moved by clear, truthful, no-doubt revelation / realization moments, intense & beautiful." - Eli

The next Zoom Meeting is - Sunday, February 24, at 11 AM New York Time (ET)

It is free and everyone is welcome to ask questions of just listen and enjoy the peace of your own essential being. I will only be answering questions from people I can see and hear, not from text chats. That is because I find it much more effective and helpful to engage with someone directly. I do not post these meetings, I occassionally post an excerpt, but I never use anyone's image and always ask permission if their voice is heard. 

11 AM, New York Time (ET) / 9:30 PM (21:30) Chennai, India time

To find your local time use this link: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html

Join here: https://zoom.us/j/213275484

If you do not already have Zoom installed, then the first time only you will need to go to the above Zoom link and install the app. It takes only a minute. Once you have done that, save that link as you will use it each time you join a meeting. At the time of a meeting simply click that link and you will be on the call. Kindly log on and be settled down a few before the meeting begins.



I never realized before... resistance is a REALLY HEAVY cross to bear.  It is a living crucifixion. Laying that cross down, AT LAST, and knowing only this now is love. I've never known love before, and it's just this now. I am knowing love, at last. Knowing truth is knowing love. Knowing is loving. Tears streaming down my face... there are no words... Freedom really is the end of arguing with what is...

There was something about the interchange you had with S….. on the call yesterday. Her simplicity and sweetness and humility and gratitude and open heart just made my knees buckle. There was such loving radiance emanating from your face after that interchange. And then K…’s wife shared so beautifully and simply; I just fell on my face. I tell you, by the end of the call, I was basking in the loving radiance emanating from you. 

Much love to you, dear Sal,

Forever grateful, Sandra Turner



First and foremost thank you for being aware, and sharing your insights with so many, in such an unselfish manner. I purchased your book a year ago. Nothing I read or heard prior to it had gotten to the quintessential/essence of understanding of who I was; aware. Nothing more. 

Your online meetings have reinforced what I know and allowed me to end the carousel of mind/seeking. Peace is simplicity and freedom in lacking nothing. All I wanted to share was how grateful I am to have read your book and as a bonus take part in your online meetings. You stated that those who attend your retreat do not participate in these meetings, because they are done. No greater praise. I shall join in I believe, as I bask in the energy and enjoy the talks, as it appears many do. 

I am grateful to have encountered you. Much thanks.

Michael J. Santoro





Salvadore Poe Open Meeting Meditation