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Intensive in Tiru, January 2018

The first intensive was great fun. Sixteen friends came and spent 10 days immersed in the way of freedom. Sanja helped organize the whole thing and made sure everyone was taken care of and well accomodated. I plan to have more next winter. I'll post here when I know the dates. 

Some beautiful letters from friends after the intensive


Hello Sal ...

I am compelled to write to you. For over 20 yrs, I have been 'teaching' very much the 'message' that you offered on the intensive. I have rarely followed any spiritual teacher, always seeing the 'sugar coating stuff.' And, over the years, I have gotten into trouble for my views on freedom... and my dismissive attitude to these 'great teacher's.'

In fact, many of my students were surprised that I was coming to India to see you ... “what for? ... why? ... what do you need to know?” .... Haha, funny ... I had no answer really. Other than, “This will be my last satsang!!”

I've reflected on why I came and my only answer is that I resonated with you ... this may seem strange...probably not to you ... but I knew that you were me and I was you. The message was clear from you ... but you for me was the message ... not easy to explain .....

I knew there was nothing to find. There never was, but I was 'guided' to come.

Why did I come? You may be wondering the point of this rambling.

Today I sat in my comfortable lounge here in the UK ... with my devoted and beautiful pooch who is old and poorly at the moment. She is lying quietly across my knee ... I am sitting here 'KNOWING!!'

Of course, it's incomprehensible to describe... there are hardly words for this.. but you will know ...

I see that pooch is me that all is me/her ... in my fleeting sadness about darling pooch who is old and unwell ... I am overwhelmed with KNOWING!

My eyes fill with tears of great gratitude and I SEE the truth ...

We are all free ... I thought I knew this ...

There is nothing to know anymore...

I'm not sure what shifted ... maybe I didn't think Sat Chit Ananda was me ... everyone else, yes ... who knows??

What I do know, right here and now, is that my own work has completely shifted in a heartbeat ... staggering  ... how? I'm not sure ... I don't really mind ... we shall see.

I hope in my humble gratitude that you will receive this as I hope you will ... with love that I was not aware of ... but am now.

Thank you, my dear friend, Sal.

I hope to hug you again soon


Linda Ji xxx

Hi Sal,

This morning after I left, I went to have a chai and relax at The Dreaming Tree. Then I walked to Ramana Ashram and sat for half an hour, then back to finish packing my things. The whole time I had this sense of freedom and I know that it will always be there.  

I’m so grateful to you. Thank you so much,

Love you, Sylvie

Dear Sal,

I want to thank you for your teachings. I'm now devoted to truth and freedom. My life is unfolding as it is, new and fresh, moment to moment. I have no words to explain what I am experiencing, as you had said language is limited. My values have changed. I'm not afraid anymore. I am a free woman. I am nothing, know nothing and do not need to do anything anymore. What a relief wow!!!  It's so liberating!!!

This work is like a new software upgrade. It's all so much easier, joyful, peaceful, free, and liberation from suffering. I'm recognizing my true essence and just living. My seeking has ended, I'm finished!!! Done!!!! I do not have any interest in anything that will bring me back to the carousels of mind. Anytime I'm aware, I jump off. What a relief!!!.

Having my experience in India, living in a small guest room, taking cold showers, resting, walking, eating vegetarian food, connecting with the humble and simple people gave me a whole new perspective. I was so peaceful, happy and free, living so simply with so little. There are no words to express it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Love you and send you a hug and a kiss.

Namaste, Martha

I will be announcing upcoming intensives in the next few months. If you would like to be informed when I post them, please fill in the form here and I will let you know.