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NEW: 8 Week Online Intensive

Beginning Saturday, April 20





Our dear friend Tom speaks about his experience on the intensive


I just returned from India and attending an intensive with Sal. Assuming you are reading this because you are considering attending yourself, I would highly recommend attending the  intensive with Sal in India. After attending at online mini-intensive I registered for an in-person intensive in India. Concerns began arising almost immediately around why I was traveling to India when I could attend the intensive online via Zoom. I also had thoughts of concern about going to India itself. The experience of going to the in-person intensive provided an overwhelmingly clear response to these two concerns. Having experienced both online and in person intensives, I can report that they are completely different experiences.

Going to India is a whole-body commitment to freedom. You get up, board whatever conveyances your location demands and you haul yourself there. This action sends a message to your system beyond your mind that you are taking this step with serious intent. The act of going there is part of the intensive itself, and provides a level of focus I found to be immensely helpful. When you arrive you join a group of friends who all are navigating the environment of Tiruvannamalai. You share insights, tips and resources. The community of attendees bonds immediately. 

Sal's work is available remotely. I had bought his first book in 2018, the material of which is entirely consistent with what we covered in India. And when I attended, I sat ten feet from Sal. He engaged with my questions and said exactly what needed to be said for me to recognize what he had been saying all along. Something very human about sitting with Sal and the others in the same room occurs that technology cannot replicate. The experience of making the commitment to go, organizing the trip, joining the group and sitting in Sal's comfortable home with a view of Mount Arunachala aids in process of continuing your path to freedom. That is why I highly recommend you make the trip if you have the means. - PAUL LAFONTAINE - Intensive Jan/Feb 2023 

I attended the first intensive with Sal. What an amazing experience it was. The 'seeing ' of my essential nature was made absolutely clear. Almost too simple yet unmistakable. It was lovely to be in the presence of Sal and the other wonderful people on the intensive. Also the roof of his house is the perfect setting. This is my third visit to India. I love it. I think everyone should visit India at least once in their lives. Much love! - ANTOINE - January 2023 Tiru Intensive

I came to India to do Sal’s intensive per a friend’s suggestion. I was skeptical but wanted a break in magical India, and be near the holy mountain of Arunachala. This proved to be a perfect combination to realize what freedom really is. Sal’s intensive was simple, fun, and profoundly liberating. I am truly grateful…and free.” Truly grateful. - JOYCE - Janauary 2023 Tiru Intensive

I highly appreciate your work. I was unknowingly waiting for it for 50 years of incessant seeking. I bought into all of the never ending bells and whistles for fifty years! Again and again and again. And suddenly here it is: A blessing, the search is over. And as a side effect of your work: a lot of unsolicited (surprising) changes all by themselves!!! Your work is incredibly precious!
ALFRED Sept 2022

Sal is a great communicator. His way of expressing the subtle and ineffable is clear, precise and simple. With urgent compassion he unveils the simple understanding that none of us choose and none of us do. This insight is clearly shown, not through words, beliefs or philosophy but demonstrated and made available to all. The transformation wrought is both subtle and absolute.
JAMIE - Sept 2022

It’s amazing to see how simple questions and exercises can be so effective. Since I met Sal in Intensives and inquired about doership in my own life, I’m immensely more relaxed about things in general. Whatever I do, feel, desire, think etc… is not of my own will. Much of the guilt about negativity has vanished and I’m surrendering to the will of Life, knowing and verifying that there is no mistake.Thank you Sal. 

Though others have pointed to the same thing, no one else in my experience has done it so directly, simply, and convincingly. And with such good humor.
After Sal's remarkably clear teaching that we are not the choosers of our thoughts -- they simply arise -- it is much easier for me to accept differences with others.  Gone is the anger I have sometimes felt when people (for example politicians) do things that I disagree with.  I can still disagree, but I don't blame them for the choices they make.  Closer to home, I can accept differences with my loved ones much more easily.  This feels like an awakened understanding of human nature.  And it helps make life much more enjoyable. 
LARRY - Sept 2022

I considered myself a serious seeker, but after being with the famous teachers I was with, I really wasn't prepared for the fucking mind-blowing,
presentation that happens during the intensive. My long path is over.

SIMHA - June 2021 Intensive

These intensives with Sal are the golden key for anyone tired of being a disciple and ready to be Free!
HAMIDO -January 2021 Intensive

I’ve read many testimonials on your website and, before the Intensive, wondered how people could write with such certainty, “It’s done now,” “It’s over now,” “I’m free.  And now it’s really true for me too!!!!
ELIZABETH - September 2020 Intensive

Sal has a profound gift for helping you come to see what is undeniably true; YOU are already free.
JENNY - January 2021Intensive

I cannot quite wrap my head around what actually happened, you have a gift for sharing this truth!
DAGMAR - October 2021 Intensive

My seeking has ended. I need no other teacher, book, retreat. I am done. My gratitude overflows.
SHARRY - June 2021 Intensive

Sal has the unique gift to make me realise that I am no different to him as he guided me back to my essential being. Clearly an act of love and wisdom.
IAIN- October 2021 Intensive

The intensive was sublime -- words can't even go there.  Significant shifts happened as a result.  Thanks for every meaningful minute of it.
VICTORIA  - June 2021 Intensive

You are one fucking brilliant teacher and my gratitude knows no bounds.
CLIVE - June 2021 Intensive

The relief and freedom I’ve felt since the first day of the intensive has been subtle and yet truly significant. 
BARNY - June 2021 Intensive

I can't express how much your work has meant to me and how grateful I am.
ZAM - June 2021 Intensive

I just love seeing and hearing the awake rock star any time I turn the Zoom on, such a pleasure and fun! Never boring, never dull.
MARKETA - June 2021 Intensive

If your heart yearns for completion. THIS IS IT!
EVA January 2021 Intensive

Sal’s method and technique are masterful. I am left with gratitude and a deep sense of well-being.
LINDA January 2021 Intensive

Yes my spiritual path is finished – that’s it. That’s why I came to you.
BARBARA January 2021Intensive

Salvadore's intensive is life changing and with much clarity he points to Truth in a very direct and often humorous way.
SUSAN - January 2021 Intensive

Why you have this incredible ability to show the way doesn't matter, but you truly do.
MARIE September 2020 Intensive

An unstoppable movement toward ultimate clarity.
SERGII - January 2021Intensive

These two months have been like finally crossing a frontier.
ELVIRA - September 2020 Intensive

The message is simple and becomes very clear in the end. Sal’s ‘no bullshit’ approach is a breath of fresh air.
JANET - January 2021 Intensive

Words can hardly describe how much the intensive meant to me. What a breath of fresh air.
BETTINE - January 2021Intensive

Something really shifted so much! It's incredible!
BRITTA - September 2020 Intensive

The end of the spiritual path is real. 
DYLAN - December, 2019 Participant

I didn’t believe that liberation in this life is possible for me!!
MONIR - September 2020 Intensive

Life is increasingly gentle and serendipitous as I recognise more and more my essential being.
MAY - September 2020 Intensive

This is a teacher who delivers and who genuinely wanted me finished, and finished I am.

If tomorrow there is a satsang with Ramana, Budda and Jesus next door and it is free, I do no need to attend.
EVGENIA - February, 2020 Participant

It’s the greatest gift and I'm immensely grateful to you for it! Yes! Liberation is and it’s here and now!
IRINA - February, 2020 Participant

I just finished the online intensive with Sal and it was a life changing experience! 
MACA - September 2020 Intensive

I could never image that anything in this life time can transform me the way that this intensive shifted me.
SARA - September 2020 Intensive

Sal showed me exactly how to look and now I can see clearly for myself.
TANJA - September 2020 Intensive

The journey ends here and now. Guided with great compassion, care, humour, and yes, humanity.
ATMA - September 2020 Intensive

Salvadore’s work is the cure to psychological illness, it’s real power is in it’s achievability.
PAUL - September 2020 Intensive

There are no adequate words to describe the intensive or my gratitude to You & Bindu. It was truly life changing.
JENNY - September 2020 Intensive

Life is finally something we both can live in the moment. Thank you for your amazing guidance.
MANUELA and DANIEL - September 2020 Intensive

Sal didn't save my life, but he showed me how I can save my life myself.
STEFAN - September 2020 Intensive

Seeking has ended, what remains is the simple, ordinary human life.
ASWHIN - September 2020 Intensive

Sal is the real-deal and I am forever grateful.
GRACE - September 2020 Intensive

Thank you can not explain how I feel inside.
SARAH - September 2020 Intensive

I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to end seeking once and for all.
ALFRED - September 2020 Intensive

There’s nothing that can prepare you for this. You’re going to know truth. You are it NOW.
ERIC - February, 2020 Participant"

How did we all get SO lucky to slip out of the net! -
ElIZABETH - February, 2020 Participant

Over 25 years of spiritual searching ended on your rooftop in Tiru.
DAGMAR - February, 2020 Participant

If you are ready to be free, Sal’s intensive cracks the code. 
PAM - January, 2020 Participant

Thank you so much for showing me that I am free!
MARCEL - January, 2020 Participant

My life is so simple now. 
BETTY - January, 2020 Participant

If you are ready to dissolve, you must do it.
KATHY - January, 2020 Participant

Working with Sal has ended my seeking, and, most importantly, made it possible for me to find my own ground.
December, 2019 Participant

The end of the search and the beginning of freedom.
IAIN - February, 2020 Participant

Alone with the last truth in a new world, simple and self-known. Nothing is enough.
SERGII - February, 2020 Participant

My eyes fill with tears of great gratitude and I SEE the truth. We are all free. I thought I knew this.
LINDA - January 2018