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The intensives for the 2018/2019 winter season are finished. To receive information about future intensive, please fill out the form on this page. You can also join the Mailing List to receive announcements about them, as well as announcements about Zoom Open Meetings, blog posts, YouTube videos, etc.

I will announce the intensives for the 2019/2020 winter season when I know them.

Here is a short movie, created by Ben Oliver Jenks, which
highlights the first 10-Day Intensive Sal held in India, in January, 2018.


Words from friends after an intensive

Before the intensive, I had been the knowing, knowingly on holiday, many, many, times and watched how everything was appearing and was effortlessly known. I didn’t have to do anything and couldn’t actually do anything. I now realise there is no one who could do anything anyway. The knowing knows, period. And I had no trust that this knowing was me. Also, I would rest in the knowing of I Am, and I was clear that all I could know for sure was that I Am. And yet, still I could not trust that that was me. The intensive has given me the confidence to trust what is real and to not throw it out at the whim of thoughts.  It seems to me there is no difference between the knowing and the I Am. The I Am is the knowing and the knowing is the I Am.

I really took on board the points you made at the intensive about being devoted to truth. The comments about being a lion really struck home for me. Now, if a question or doubt arises, I return to a holiday. What is true, now? You said the answer to every question is the disappearance of the question. I see that  there are no questions on a holiday, and if it’s not real on a holiday, its not real. So, I keep coming back to what is real time, and time, and time again. In truth, any question can only be a thought, and that is absent on a holiday. That is the resolution of the question. That is what being a lion now means to me.

From the intensive, I now have a real sense of confidence that if  I keep defending the truth (and living it), this knowing that I am will take care of everything else, and doubts, questions, etc. will settle. I don’t know how it works (and I no longer need to know), but I trust it. It’s a huge relief. There is a real difference to being devoted to truth and the desperate seeking that was going on here for may years.

I just wanted to reach out Sal and share what is happening here and to again thank you sincerely for the clarity of the work.

With much gratitude.




You know last night I didn't even want to go sleep I was enjoying just being alive so much. I woke up this morning, sat on my bed for like an hour, not needing or wanting anything other than what's happening and it's like in every breath, in every sensation this welling up of peace just fills and informs everything. I know that's just experience of peace but I don't care to even discredit it as an "experience" because it's just love. There's so much happiness even in pain.

Some doubts come up because I know I don't know anything additional, not even clear on several of the concepts but I just don't care haha. You've so removed my head!
Sal seriously I'm so amazed I just keep crying because I'm so content.

Love Erica.




Thank you Sal,

I wanted to tell you that I do not have the need to be on the calls anymore, since the intensive in Tiru. I do not need it really, if I come it will be just to be with you.

I don't have any more questions or doubts. As you often say, no need to look up the chimney to see that there is no Santa Claus. I no longer look to Mooji or others, I’m done.

My life is unfolding beautifully, and believe me, I had a lot of challenges, but it didn’t matter. Whatever I’m doing, it doesn’t matter. I enjoy everything, because I enjoy being with myself, which is life itself. I am being taken care of by my inner being, which is the only truth. I am so happy I came to this intensive. I’m so grateful. A thousand times, thank you so much. 

Please don’t change. You make it so simple, keep teaching. You make freedom available for every one. That’s what makes you… how can I say.. different from all other teachings I went through.

Take care, with all my love, Sylvie



My life is different since completing the Intensive. I know without a doubt what it means to be truth, right here, right now.

In my past understanding of my life, there was a lot of memory and projection into the future and then projection on how I related to whatever … and all of that is gone. I now know what it means to be true in the moment without the influence of my mind. So, what’s gonna unfold from that, I have no idea.

If you are curious in knowing truth and if you are willing to let go of all your thoughts and ideas about what truth is and all of your reference points of what and how you think life is, then you are in for a really amazing surprise.

There’s nothing that can prepare you for this. All you need is just the willingness to jump off. And what I mean by jump off is—letting go of your philosophy of life, your spirituality of life, and your psychology of life, and being able to see what’s actually true.

You’re going to know truth. You are it NOW. This retreat is going to create the space for you to see with crystal clarity the truth of who you are.





Hello Sal,

Today, I sat in my comfortable lounge here in the UK ... with my devoted and beautiful pooch who is old and poorly at the moment. She is lying quietly across my knee ... I am sitting here 'KNOWING!!' Of course, it's incomprehensible to describe, there are hardly words for this, but you will know. I see that pooch is me that all is me/her, I am overwhelmed with KNOWING!

My eyes fill with tears of great gratitude and I SEE the truth. We are all free. I thought I knew this. There is nothing to know anymore. I'm not sure what shifted, maybe I didn't think Sat Chit Ananda was me, everyone else, yes ... who knows??

I hope in my humble gratitude that you will receive this as I hope you will, with love that I was not aware of, but am now.

Thank you, my dear friend, Sal. I hope to hug you again soon

Namaste, Linda Ji xxx




I found Sal through a friend, and when I watched his video, the phrase that resonated with me the most was, “being finished.”

At the intensive, I had a huge recognition that nothing is separate; separation is only in my mind. I realized that what I thought was me does not exist and what I am really is not separate from anything—I am in everything that appears. I had been so identified with my mind, and in that moment, I came to know what is totally free. That recognition is not something that is processed in the mind. Sensing that I am infinite space from which everything arises is huge and creates such expansive happiness.

Now, life is so easy, so simple. In the past, my hobby (or better to say my religion) was to know things intellectually. And now, this recognition has taken me to know no thing. I see life through this emptiness and it is so simple; nothing complicated at all. Even with past experiences that I’ve considered traumatic, there’s nothing there, nothing to forgive.

Also, I see that I am not the doer. I thought I was the one doing, making things happen. But no, everything just flows, it’s kind of a dance, like a symphony. Everything is in a perfect harmony, everything, no matter what.





Hi Sal,

This morning after I left, I went to have a chai and relax at The Dreaming Tree, then I walked to Ramana Ashram and sat for half an hour, and then back to finish packing my things. The whole time I had this sense of freedom and I know that it will always be here.  

I’m so grateful to you. Thank you so much,

Love you, Sylvie




Dear Sal,

I have had an amazing transformation since attending the January Intensive in India—I became devoted to truth and freedom. I want to thank you for your teachings. My life is unfolding as it is, new and fresh, moment to moment. I have no words to explain what I am experiencing, as you had said language is limited. My values have changed. I'm not afraid anymore. I am a free woman. I am nothing, know nothing and do not need to do anything anymore. What a relief wow!!!  It's so liberating!!!

This work is like a new software upgrade. It's all so much easier, joyful, peaceful, free, and liberation from suffering. I'm recognizing my true essence and just living. My seeking has ended, I'm finished!!! Done!!!! I do not have any interest in anything that will bring me back to the carousels of mind. Anytime I'm aware, I jump off. What a relief!!!

I now know that I’m not the doer. What will happen will happen, without me having to do anything about it. What a relief!! New opportunities and lots of gifts are coming from everywhere without me having any attachments or desires. It’s just happening!!

The day always surprises me as it comes. Fascinating!! I have so much freedom as a human being instead of a human doing.

Having a holiday, I relax my attention and recognize my true essence, which is peace! Lovely!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Love you and send you a hug and a kiss.





Salvadore Poe with Intensive group

If you would like to attend one of the intensives, I’d like to get to know a bit about you so that I'm best able to work with you. Please fill out the form below and when the dates for 2019/2020 Winter Season are picked, I will get in touch with you.

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If you have already worked with me either privately or on an intensive, you can just email me directly. There is no need to fill out the form.

Filling out the form is not a commitment to join. When the dates are set, I will send you an information document to review and you can determine if this work is right for you.

Please note: The work Salvadore does is self-inquiry. It is about coming to know who you are essentially, being finished seeking, and coming to know liberation. Sal is not a therapist, a psychologist, a psychiatrist or a healer. If you are interested in coming to an Intensive, you should be clear about what is offered here, and what is not offered here. This is about the end of the spiritual path, it is not therapy. If psychological therapy is needed, you should work with a trained professional instead.

Salvadore Poe with Intensive group