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Sal interview - Who Are You Really

Sal is interviewed by Susan Hill for her program, Who Are You Really.

Your World Ends Here. Be Truly Who You Are

In this video Sal guides you to come to know who you are, free of self, time, personal story. It is the silence of your own being, existence consciously knowing itself as I. It is the end of your world and the beginning of freedom.

Spiritual Knowledge is Avoiding Liberation

This is an excerpt from a Zoom Open Meeting on August 11, 2019. Sal directs you to be the nothing that is your essential nature. He shows that all of your spiritual knowledge, books, teachings, philosophies, insights, etc, are in fact an avoidance of liberation, they are not a means to liberation. In knowing none of that, you are what you actually are.

Start Living, Free From Fear

This is an excerpt from a Zoom Open Meeting where Sal talks about the condition of the human mind and how we live in fear of losing what we have and not getting what we want. Living free is freedom from fear and desire, and being reconciled with what is, is. Life is this, here and now!

Message of Freedom: Psychological Healing

Here Sal talks about the complex world of illusion and suffering that is created by thoughts. He suggests that all paths (spiritual, psychological, philosophical, etc.) are just more thoughts that attempt to resolve the suffering and come to the natural human condition of peace, but instead, only create a whole other level of complication, rather than resolution. When someone is fed up with those paths, is lucky enough to hear the message of freedom, and stays devoted to that message, then real psychological healing can begin. Why? Because you, your essential being, is already healed.

The Way of Freedom is to be Free

This is an excerpt from a weekly Zoom Open Meeting where Sal shares a holiday from his new audio project, Holidays - Guided Holidays for Coming to Know Freedom, which is a 4-hour long compilation that you can get here: https://www.liberationis.com/books-audio/holidays/

You Want to be Free? Then Yes, Ignore!

This is an excerpt from a Zoom Open Meeting on April 21, 2019, where Sal points an inquirer to the simplicity of freedom and stresses that living freedom means ignoring the false and being devoted to the truth.

I Am Not An Addict - Recovery Programs and Liberation

This is an excerpt from a Zoom Open Meeting, where Sal addresses an inquirer's question about her continued involvement with a 12 step program after having come to know her essential being of freedom. He points out that who you are essentially is not an addict, or anything else. You are free of addiction. This is the truest way of being free from addiction. The conversation looks into how one who has come to know truth can reconcile work of the nature of 12 step programs, and other psychological means.

Waiting for Enlightenment

Here Sal addresses an inquirers concern that even on a holiday it seems as if she is waiting for something. He explains that the sense of waiting is just a habit of mind, and that to know freedom, it is only here and know this can happen, not in some imagined future.

What If You Found Out That All of Your Ideas About Enlightenment Meant Nothing?

Sal challenges all ideas about enlightenment, liberation, spirituality, etc. to show that none of that has anything to do with freedom.

You Have the Right to Be Free

This is a long excerpt from a Zoom Open Meeting, where Sal speaks about dealing with feelings of shame, guilt, remorse, fear, etc., and how because of cultural ignorance we believe these feelings have value and meaning, and therefore, we need to give them attention. Almost everyone has a sense of inferiority, and spiritual seekers have the feeling that truth and freedom are not really for them, only for the chosen master or the great sages throughout history. But, since freedom is your essential nature, why should you not know it?

Living Freedom. What Do You Want?

This is an excerpt from a Zoom Open Meeting on November 4, 2018, where Sal talks about the simplicity of recognizing your essential being - freedom. Recognizing takes no time as it is already the truth. However, there is a lifetime of beliefs, false information, and stories that are very compelling. In the play of life, therefore, it takes time to learn to live the way of freedom.


This is an excerpt from a Zoom Open Meeting on September 9, 2018, where Sal leads a holiday so you can see there is only now, and knowing includes everything that is actual. What is not true, now, is the past, the future, and the character you have believed yourself to be. If you look for that character now, there is nothing.

Freedom is Utterly Simple

This is an excerpt from a Zoom Open Meeting on August 26, 2018, where Sal shares a holiday so you can see for yourself what liberation is and the utter simplicity of freedom.

Everything Appears and Dissolves Simultaneously in No Time

Sal inquiries into doubts which prevent us from being reconciled with our essential nature of freedom. And shows that all objects are simply insubstantial appearances, appearing and disappearing, now. There is nothing behind the curtain of here and now.