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A Nice Share

I was thinking the other day that it has been 20 years that I have been seeking, and I said to myself, did you get anywhere in these 20 years? I hadn't walked a step. And why? Because I have always been whole and complete, and because this seeking never made any sense. You have been telling me this but something inside me was doubting before. And I said, enough of these doubts and wondering if I was doing a bit better with meditation, with holidays, nothing. Everything is more clear now. Thank you for the patience.

You are very welcome, that is wonderful to hear. It takes time for everyone.

It was incredible how these doubts kept appearing, about whether I had to go back to meditation or whether I was taking enough holidays, it was amazing how these kind of doubts happened.

Yes, but you have been authentic and genuine and that is what it takes. That is the maturity that is required.

I was trying to not fool myself or not fool others because it was silly thinking I was getting something.

That is another sign of being authentic.

I came to realize that all of that was happening because all of the beliefs that were there all this time.

Exactly. And that is why I always say come to know what is true and this knowing sets you free. Because in seeing truth all of the beliefs lose their validity. They are seen to be false. What we come to know is very different from what we believe it will be when we are seekers. And so it is natural that it takes time to recognize that truth is ordinary, and more evident than the ideas and beliefs we have. In coming to know truth we don't get to realize or have any of our cherished beliefs or concepts. They end up disappearing, and that is the answer.

With me they have put up a fight.

Not much for you. It has not been long that we have known each other. A year or two is not a long time to resolve these doubts.

But before that seeking was very long.

Yes, and for some people it is much longer than for you. And that does not matter at all. Most people, by far, in this world don't come to this point. In fact, most spiritual seekers don't come to know this.

That is why I wanted to share it with you.

Yes, thank you very much.

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