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Being authentic

I have a question about no chooser, no doer. During our sessions we talked a bit about being compelled to do something. What's coming up for me is the distinction between being compelled to do something and old programming, or old tapes that have been installed in the hard drive. This idea of being authentic, and authentic action, well how do I know if this is authentic action or if this is some programming I received somewhere.

Who said anything about authentic action?

You had said on one of the audios, the more that you hang out here and be authentic...

By authentic I mean, having the intention for truth, for being finished. As far as authentic action, that's a judgement concept; I have no idea about any of that, like: authentic action, right behavior, morality, how shall I live, etc. All of those things are religion, not freedom.

If you're serious, or authentically interested in truth, you can't fail. These sessions we do are very helpful if you are. It's my experience that this work works for someone who's authentically engaged in it. That simply means to see the value in it and stick with it because this is what you want.

On the other hand, some people are spiritual hobbyists. That's why I ask people who I work with not to do other spiritual teachings or practices while we're working. I got a letter from someone a couple days ago who wanted to do the inquiries. In my letter back I said, as I say to everyone, if you're currently engaged in any other spiritual practices or teachings, please wait until you've finished, because this work is the end. This person wrote back, “Well yes, I'm going on a retreat, then on another retreat, then two or three other things.” I was like jeez, well if you get tired of all of that then write me back. That's not, in my view, being authentic. That's being a spiritual hobbyist. Let me try a little bit of this, a little bit of that, add a bit of meditation, maybe some yoga, a silent retreat, some of this teaching, some of that teaching, to get this experience and that knowledge. If that is what one wants then of course that's fine. It's entertaining and can even be fun. But the people that this work is truly effective for, are finished with all of that. They're done. They're authentically interested in truth, in coming to the end. They're not interested in continuing to be spiritually entertained. It is in that sense I use the word authentic.

If you're authentic, then you don't already know the answer. You know you want to come to know what's true. You authentically really want to know what's true. I would always go to one teacher and stay for a while and do as they suggested. If I felt it wasn't helping ultimately I moved on. I did meet many other teachers too, so I know that thing, the spiritual marketplace where you go from one teaching to another. It doesn't work. At some point, you get fed up, and you give up. What is the end? What is it? Where is this liberation I keep hearing about? And when you're in that position you're authentically interested. Then it's very possible for work like this to be helpful. But if you come to this work and then go to endless retreats with one teacher after another, continue endlessly reading many books, looking at endless videos on Youtube, going to endless online meetup groups, it does not ultimately help. Note the keyword there: endless.

At some point you need to pick one spot on the cliff and jump.



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