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It seems that nothing matters

I have been feeling that nothing really matters since there is no doer and everything just happens, etc. And that seems bleak.

Yes, that would be bleak. None of it matters to whom? Or in what way conceptually does nothing matter? Does it matter if someone you love is sick? Does it matter if someone is abusing a child? Does it matter if our crazy politicians start these insane foreign wars and slaughter millions of people? I think it matters. In freedom you have all the care in the world. You can feel deeply people's pain and the insanity of the lunatic mind that creates suffering in this world. I don't really agree with the nothing matters concept. It is a concept.

The idea of no doer is not quite understood. Even though there is no doer still compassion or sadness or empathy may arise. It doesn't mean those things don't arise; it means there is no one creating them. They appear naturally as part of being human. Care for your children, your family, the world—of course those things matter.

The most valuable thing is to know that your essential being is free. That's the most important thing, because everything else comes and goes, with no exception. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't matter in the moment it is appearing. In fact, the more you know freedom the more you are able to care. If you look at the opposite of someone who knows their free essential being, someone who is severely schizophrenic for example, they are not able to care about anyone. They are too engrossed in their own pathologies to acknowledge or empathize and care for others. Someone who is healthy and open and not focused on self is free to have full care and compassion for others.

I often say liberation is not really for you, it is for everyone else. As Douglas Harding says, "Can't you see I'm just space for you to be." What he is saying is there is nothing here in between you and me. Here is health. Conversely, what is all too often being shared is a mental mess of pathologies. In that sense the mind is a burden—not just to one's self, but to the world. Just look at the world to see.

I look at the news and it's truly heartbreaking to see what is going on. And why is it so? Because of the human, pathology-filled mind occurring on the personal level. The personal pathologies create the pathologies of the world, obviously. The people who have the most power often have the most intense pathologies, let's face it. The most damaging pathologies are the ones for power, control and greed. Those are horrifying. Those people achieve those positions of power because they have those particular pathologies.

So, nothing matters is a concept, and it is a half-way around the circle concept. The neo-advaita view says that I am only awareness so the body doesn't matter, the world doesn't matter, because it is all an illusion. The only thing that is real is awareness. The rest is an illusion so it doesn't really matter. 'It doesn't matter if I lose my child, who cares. I'm going to laugh.' What a ridiculous philosophy, isn't it? Full circle means yes, you are human. But you are healthy, so you can care. You care more, in fact. I feel more pain now from what I see on the news than I did before. The reason is because I know health, and I know what causes those tragedies, and I know there is another way of being.

The knowing needs to come full circle. You are not just awareness. Emptiness equals form and form equals emptiness. Siva, the unmanifest/absolute, and shakti, the manifest energy/form, are one. It is even one word: sivasakthi. I and my father are one. I the form and my father the absolute are not separate, not two. You are not just awareness. You are the absolute appearing as the form, you. You are the absolute. You are it. The body is it, you see? It is the appearance of IT. Wave is ocean. You are not something appearing separate from god. You are the appearance of god. That is knowing full-circle. That is what non-duality really means, in my view. So then yes, of course it matters. And you are healthy enough to care and have compassion.

But the healthy person who knows their essential being is free and values truth knows one thing—all of this form is ephemeral; it all comes and it all goes. Everything changes. So to be pathologically attached to something to the point of creating suffering is not healthy. A perfect example of that is being pathologically attached to wealth, power and influence. But in the moment of the appearance of your family, friends, work children yes, it matters, of course. The Play of Leela they call it in India. The play of life. They don't call it, 'the illusion that doesn't matter'.

I know you want to care, of course you do. But we have these concepts, like, if I am enlightened I shouldn't care about anything. But who says that is true? What good is this so-called enlightenment if nothing matters? Is it just for you to feel good all the time? As the saying goes, "Next to kindness, enlightenment is the most important thing." Actually, the thing about enlightenment is that it is all about caring. The more you recognize freedom and the more it is your natural condition, the more you realize it is really not all about you. The more you realize it's about taking one malignancy out of the world. When you see the potential we have to be an unhealthy expression in the world, to create such havoc, and the more you wake up to freedom and health, the less you want to be that expression of insanity. So you do care. It does matter.

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